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Gertrude Elizabeth Wiggerman
Born : 27 Dec 1890

Died : 28 Feb 1895

Age:4y 2m 1d
Father :
Descendants of William Wiggerman William Wiggerman (1855-1920)
Mother :
Ancestors of Mary Kramer Descendants of Mary Kramer Mary Kramer (1859-1938)
Siblings :
Ancestors of Minnie Wiggerman Minnie Wiggerman (1881-1948)
Ancestors of John Wiggerman Descendants of John Wiggerman John Wiggerman (1883-1948)
Ancestors of Mary Wiggerman Descendants of Mary Wiggerman Mary Wiggerman (1886-1971)
Ancestors of Rose Wiggerman Descendants of Rose Wiggerman Rose Wiggerman (1888-1976)
Ancestors of Emma Wiggerman Emma Wiggerman (1893-1979)
Ancestors of William Wiggerman Descendants of William Wiggerman William Wiggerman (1896-1987)
Ancestors of Henry Wiggerman Henry Wiggerman (1898-1957)
Ancestors of Edwin Wiggerman Descendants of Edwin Wiggerman Edwin Wiggerman (1901-1985)
Ancestors of Antoinetta Wiggerman Antoinetta Wiggerman (1904-1926)
Database ID : 1379
Last Update : 2013-09-21
Record Owner : rudy.r
Rel. to Owner : 1st Cousin (3x rem)

Date :
Location : Sacred Heart Cemetery, Loretto, TN

Obituary not available.

Research notes for Gertrude

Bapt 28th
Dec 27
Birth of Gertrude Wiggerman
Feb 28
Age 4
Death of Gertrude Wiggerman

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