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Martin Trebon
Born :

Father :
Mother :
Married :
Descendants of Mary Jesse Mary Jesse (   -   )
Children :
Ancestors of Michael Trebon Descendants of Michael Trebon Michael Trebon (1818-1907)
Ancestors of Joseph Trebon Descendants of Joseph Trebon Joseph Trebon (1824-1894)
Ancestors of Henry Trebon Descendants of Henry Trebon Henry Trebon (1830-1908)
Ancestors of Jacob Trebon Descendants of Jacob Trebon Jacob Trebon (1831-1903)
Ancestors of William Trebon Descendants of William Trebon William Trebon (1832-1915)
Record Owner : rudy.r
Rel. to Owner : (3x)Great-Grandfather
Database ID : 1828
Date Created : 07 Oct 2011
Last Updated : 25 Jul 2020

Research notes for Martin

Unsourced stories say there were 3 daughters who stayed and married in Wisconsin....

Possible daughter (Anna)...

Possible daughter (Otella)...
Otella is interesting. I found 2 family trees listing Otella as a daughter of Martin.
One on ancestry.com that lists her mother as Mary Lutz. This is (I'm guessing) from Otella's 1925 IA census where she lists her father as MARTIN TREBON and mother as MARY LUTZ. This tree lists Martin having 2 wives, one unnamed (mother of William) and Mary Lutz (mother of Otella). No other children listed.
The other tree is on Heritage. It shows little (I don't have an acct) but does show Otella as daughter of MARTIN TREBON and MARY JESSE (LUTZ) TREBON. Also shows Henry G and "3 other siblings".

So, let's make a list...
DOB is 1853. This is bad. There's plenty of documentation to say this is most likely correct or at least close. If Otella is a FULL SISTER of the brothers, well...even if Mary Jesse was 15 when she gave birth to Micheal - the oldest - she would have been 50 when she had Otella. This may indicated a 2nd wife for Martin.
Wms obit. This is not great. Wm's obit says he's the last of eight children. This fits with the family folklore of 5 brothers and 3 sisters, but Otella lived to 1928. and William "the last" died in 1915. Plus, it's not like she was a far-off sister that no one knew about...she lived right there in the area.
Martin DOB. This could be bad info. The ancestry tree lists Martin's DOB as 1828...Michael's is 1818.
The 1925 census record. This is huge. This is the only thing making me hang on to this possibility.
The cousins. Perhaps Otella is actually the daughter of one of the brothers. However, these are fairly well documented and I cannot fathom her as a granddaugter to Martin.
I do not know.

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