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Catharina Maria Bayer
Born : 26 Nov 1784
Repe, Germany
Father :
Mother :
Married :
Ancestors of Wilhelm Belke Descendants of Wilhelm Belke Wilhelm Belke (1770-1834)
on 31 May 1804
in Helden, Germany
Children :
Ancestors of Eva Anna Cathar Belke Eva Anna Cathar Belke (1805-1839)
Ancestors of Anna Elisabeth Belke Anna Elisabeth Belke (1806-1813)
Ancestors of Anna Maria Belke Anna Maria Belke (1808-1863)
Ancestors of Antonius Belke Antonius Belke (1811-1811)
Ancestors of Anna Catharina Belke Anna Catharina Belke (b. 1811)
Ancestors of Maria Catharina Belke Maria Catharina Belke (1814-1838)
Ancestors of Johann Wilhelm Belke Johann Wilhelm Belke (1817-1841)
Ancestors of Maria Josepha Belke Maria Josepha Belke (b. 1820)
Ancestors of Maria Elisabeth Belke Maria Elisabeth Belke (1823-1824)
Ancestors of Wilhelmina Belke Descendants of Wilhelmina Belke Wilhelmina Belke (1825-1912)
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