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Clara Frances Kramer
Born : 21 Oct 1862
Westphalia, MI
Died : 12 Sep 1941
Loretto, TN
Age:78y 10m 21d
Father :
Descendants of John Kramer John Kramer (1828-1903)
Mother :
Ancestors of Wilhelmina Belke Descendants of Wilhelmina Belke Wilhelmina Belke (1825-1912)
Married :
Descendants of Joseph Augustin Joseph Augustin (1859-1940)
on 30 Jan 1882
in Tennessee
Children :
Ancestors of Minnie Augustin Descendants of Minnie Augustin Minnie Augustin (1882-1964)
Ancestors of P.F. Augustin Descendants of P.F. Augustin P.F. Augustin (1884-1922)
Ancestors of Catherine Augustin Descendants of Catherine Augustin Catherine Augustin (1886-1968)
Ancestors of Fannie Augustin Fannie Augustin (1888-1981)
Ancestors of Theresa Augustin Theresa Augustin (1890-1975)
Ancestors of Rose Augustin Descendants of Rose Augustin Rose Augustin (1893-1983)
Ancestors of Mary Augustin Descendants of Mary Augustin Mary Augustin (1895-1925)
Ancestors of Clara Augustin Descendants of Clara Augustin Clara Augustin (1897-1962)
Ancestors of Joseph Augustin Joseph Augustin (1899-1900)
Ancestors of Albert Augustin Albert Augustin (1901-1903)
Ancestors of Raymond Augustin Raymond Augustin (1905-1967)
Siblings :
Ancestors of Anna Kramer Anna Kramer (b. 1855)
Ancestors of Kathrin Kramer Descendants of Kathrin Kramer Kathrin Kramer (1856-1914)
Ancestors of Mary Kramer Descendants of Mary Kramer Mary Kramer (1859-1938)
Ancestors of William Kramer Descendants of William Kramer William Kramer (1865-1951)
Ancestors of Rosa Kramer Descendants of Rosa Kramer Rosa Kramer (1867-1943)
Ancestors of Mary Kramer Descendants of Mary Kramer Mary Kramer (1870-1911)
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