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Rose Ann O'Meara
Born : 1849

Father :
Ancestors of Thomas O'Meara Descendants of Thomas O'Meara Thomas O'Meara (1797-1871)
Mother :
Ancestors of Ellen Tierney Descendants of Ellen Tierney Ellen Tierney (1809-1891)
Siblings :
Ancestors of Margaret O'Meara Margaret O'Meara (1826-1879)
Ancestors of Mary Ann O'Meara Mary Ann O'Meara (1828-1900)
Ancestors of Ellen O'Meara Descendants of Ellen O'Meara Ellen O'Meara (1830-1920)
Ancestors of Hanna O'Meara Descendants of Hanna O'Meara Hanna O'Meara (1831-1904)
Ancestors of Elizabeth O'Meara Descendants of Elizabeth O'Meara Elizabeth O'Meara (1833-1925)
Ancestors of Jane O'Meara Descendants of Jane O'Meara Jane O'Meara (1835-1889)
Ancestors of John O'Meara Descendants of John O'Meara John O'Meara (1837-1877)
Ancestors of Bridget O'Meara Descendants of Bridget O'Meara Bridget O'Meara (1840-1905)
Ancestors of Catherine O'Meara Catherine O'Meara (1842-1922)
Ancestors of T.J. O'Meara Descendants of T.J. O'Meara T.J. O'Meara (1844-1893)
Ancestors of Doc O'Meara Doc O'Meara (1848-1892)
Ancestors of Martin O'Meara Descendants of Martin O'Meara Martin O'Meara (1850-1925)
Record Owner : rudy.r
Rel. to Owner : .(2x)Great-Grand Aunt
Database ID : 635
Date Created : 29 Jan 2009
Last Updated : 29 Jan 2009

Thomas O'Meara - line 25

Roseanne was thought to be Rose Slavin... until I found Rose Slavin's 1861 record still with brother John and mother Mary (McCourt). I now believe this to be Roseanne O'Meara b. 1849 (I believe the age listed is 11, not 19.)

Source - Year: 1861; Census Place: Nepean, Carleton, Ontario, Canada; Microfilm: C-1013; Page: 65

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