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John O'Meara
Born : 15 Feb 1837
Fallowfield, Canada
Died : 08 Jul 1877
Petersville, IA
Age:40y 4m 23d
Father :
Ancestors of Thomas O'Meara Descendants of Thomas O'Meara Thomas O'Meara (1797-1871)
Mother :
Ancestors of Ellen Tierney Descendants of Ellen Tierney Ellen Tierney (1809-1891)
Married :
Ancestors of Rose Slavin Descendants of Rose Slavin Rose Slavin (1836-1886)
Children :
Ancestors of Thomas O'Meara Descendants of Thomas O'Meara Thomas O'Meara (1862-1940)
Ancestors of James O'Meara Descendants of James O'Meara James O'Meara (1863-1926)
Ancestors of Dennis O'Meara Dennis O'Meara (1865-1885)
Ancestors of Ellen O'Meara Descendants of Ellen O'Meara Ellen O'Meara (1866-1932)
Ancestors of Jennie O'Meara Descendants of Jennie O'Meara Jennie O'Meara (1869-1932)
Ancestors of John O'Meara John O'Meara (1872-1900)
Ancestors of Michael O'Meara Descendants of Michael O'Meara Michael O'Meara (1873-1954)
Ancestors of Kathryn O'Meara Descendants of Kathryn O'Meara Kathryn O'Meara (1876-1929)
Ancestors of Daniel O'Meara Daniel O'Meara (1878-1965)
Ancestors of... Ancestors of John O'Meara
Descendants of... Descendants of John O'Meara
Immigrated : 1867
Canada to USA
Siblings :
Ancestors of Margaret O'Meara Margaret O'Meara (1826-1879)
Ancestors of Mary Ann O'Meara Mary Ann O'Meara (1828-1900)
Ancestors of Ellen O'Meara Descendants of Ellen O'Meara Ellen O'Meara (1830-1920)
Ancestors of Hanna O'Meara Descendants of Hanna O'Meara Hanna O'Meara (1831-1904)
Ancestors of Elizabeth O'Meara Descendants of Elizabeth O'Meara Elizabeth O'Meara (1833-1925)
Ancestors of Jane O'Meara Descendants of Jane O'Meara Jane O'Meara (1835-1889)
Ancestors of Bridget O'Meara Descendants of Bridget O'Meara Bridget O'Meara (1840-1905)
Ancestors of Catherine O'Meara Catherine O'Meara (1842-1922)
Ancestors of T.J. O'Meara Descendants of T.J. O'Meara T.J. O'Meara (1844-1893)
Ancestors of Doc O'Meara Doc O'Meara (1848-1892)
Ancestors of Rose Ann O'Meara Rose Ann O'Meara (b. 1849)
Ancestors of Martin O'Meara Descendants of Martin O'Meara Martin O'Meara (1850-1925)
Record Owner : rudy.r
Rel. to Owner : (2x)Great-Grandfather
Database ID : 71
Date Created : 21 Nov 1998
Last Updated : 26 Dec 2022

Date :
Location : Immaculate Conception Cemetery, Petersville, IA

Obituary not available.
No headstone photos

Source - St. Philip, Richmond, Ontario

Denis Tierney - line 55

Thomas O'Meara - line 80

(see also T.O. 1842)

Source - Year: 1842; Census Place: Nepean, Carleton, Ontario; Microfilm: C-1344; Item Number: 1787

Thomas O'Meara - line 17

Source - Year: 1851; Census Place: Nepean, Carleton, Ontario, Canada; Microfilm: C-11716; Page: 29a,b (57,58)

Thomas O'Meara - line 25

Roseanne was thought to be Rose Slavin... until I found Rose Slavin's 1861 record still with brother John and mother Mary (McCourt). I now believe this to be Roseanne O'Meara b. 1849 (I believe the age listed is 11, not 19.)

Source - Year: 1861; Census Place: Nepean, Carleton, Ontario, Canada; Microfilm: C-1013; Page: 65

John O'Meara - line 22

Catherine Hynes - line 35

Source - Year: 1870; Census Place: Waterford, Clinton, Iowa; Roll: M593_385; Page: 434A; Image: 138; Family History Library Film: 545884.

Research notes for John

From The Biographical record of Clinton County, Iowa - 1901...
Her [Ellen] parents, John and Rose (Slavin) O'Meara, were also natives of Canada, and were married in Ottawa. On the 4th of February, 1867, her father first came to Iowa. He made several visits to this state, and finally, in the spring of the same year, brought his family and located south of Delmar, in Clinton county, where he engaged in farming on rented land for nearly two years. He then purchased one hundred and sixty acres in Waterford township, where he made his home until called to his final rest, July 8, 1876. There his wife died. July 22, 1885, and both were buried in St. Mary's Catholic cemetery. They were devout members of St. Mary's church, and he was a Democrat in politics. He served as township clerk and trustee for a number of years. In his family were the following children: Thomas, who married Catherine Hynes, and is engaged in the livery business in Lyons; James, a real estate dealer of Kalispell, Montana, was married on June 12, 1901, to Miss Josephine Pursell, of Davenport, Iowa; Dennis, who died at the age of twenty years; Ellen, wife of our subject; Jennie, wife of J. S. Smith. of Alvord, Lyon county, Iowa; John, who married Alice Terralt, and died November 19, 1900, while his widow lives in Butte City, Montana; Michael, who wedded Mary Gollofith, now deceased, and resides in Lyons, Iowa: Catherine, wife of James Keegan, of Rock Valley, Lyon county, Iowa; and Daniel, a farmer of Canada.

Came to Iowa from Ottawa 4 FEB 1867.
Feb 15
Birth of John O'Meara

Age 4
Lived in Nepean, Carleton, Ontario (Census)

Age 13
Lived in Nepean, Carleton, Ontario, Canada (Census)

Age 23
Lived in Nepean, Carleton, Ontario, Canada (Census)
Mar 23
Age 25
Birth of child, Thomas O'Meara
Aug 25
Age 26
Birth of child, James O'Meara
Feb 25
Age 28
Birth of child, Dennis O'Meara
Dec 30
Age 29
Birth of child, Ellen O'Meara

Age 29
Immigrated from Canada to USA
Oct 03
Age 32
Birth of child, Jennie O'Meara
Age 33
Lived in Waterford, Clinton, Iowa (Census)
Jul 12
Age 34
Death of father, Thomas O'Meara

Age 34
Birth of child, John O'Meara
Sep 10
Age 36
Birth of child, Michael O'Meara
Aug 13
Age 39
Birth of child, Kathryn O'Meara
Jul 08
Age 40
Death of John O'Meara

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