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Information yearns to be free. Most of the information on this site is in the public domain. The stuff that is mine includes my logos, and database statistics. (Don't steal them.) The rest is in a more gray area and I will try to address them here...

Obituaries - For information on the copyright of obituaries and newspaper articles the first step is to check the date and source. I've strived to include both on every newspaper article I have. In any case, it is my personal belief that copyrighting an obituary is wrong. As far as I'm concerned, take what you want AT YOUR OWN RISK. Just know, that I'm not the one you have to worry about. A couple of notes of interest on the date of the article...

Headstone Photos - You need to look at the photo. On the main page, the thumbnail is clickable. That will take you to a display image page. Look for text just under to photo. This is more straight forward...

Documents - This includes census records, death certificates, marriage licenses, birth and death indices, military records and possibly others I have failed to mention. Most of these are a matter of public record. I do not own any copyright on them. As far as I know, neither does anyone else. As always, take at your own risk.

Family photos - See Headstone photos

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