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Herman Tribon
Born : 01 Jan 1860
Died : 08 Jun 1910

Age:50y 5m 7d
Father :
Ancestors of Joseph Trebon Descendants of Joseph Trebon Joseph Trebon (1824-1894)
Mother :
Descendants of Mary Eichhorst Mary Eichhorst (1824-1919)
Married :
Descendants of Emilie Fratzke Emilie Fratzke (1870-1959)
on 28 Jan 1888
in Buchanan Co., IA
Children :
Ancestors of Harriet Tribon Descendants of Harriet Tribon Harriet Tribon (1889-1986)
Ancestors of Edna Tribon Edna Tribon (1890-1892)
Ancestors of Elsa Tribon Descendants of Elsa Tribon Elsa Tribon (1893-1984)
Ancestors of Esther Tribon Descendants of Esther Tribon Esther Tribon (1895-1989)
Ancestors of Franklin Tribon Descendants of Franklin Tribon Franklin Tribon (1898-1931)
Ancestors of Hilda Tribon Descendants of Hilda Tribon Hilda Tribon (1900-1988)
Ancestors of Raymond Tribon Raymond Tribon (1904-1905)
Ancestors of Elizabeth Tribon Descendants of Elizabeth Tribon Elizabeth Tribon (1906-1975)
Ancestors of Valley Tribon Descendants of Valley Tribon Valley Tribon (1909-1968)
Siblings :
Ancestors of Amelia Trebon Descendants of Amelia Trebon Amelia Trebon (1851-1911)
Ancestors of Christine Trebon Descendants of Christine Trebon Christine Trebon (1854-1935)
Ancestors of Henrietta Trebon Descendants of Henrietta Trebon Henrietta Trebon (1862-1929)
Ancestors of Frank Tribon Descendants of Frank Tribon Frank Tribon (1863-1948)
Ancestors of Albert Tribon Albert Tribon (1865-1963)
Ancestors of Mary Tribon Descendants of Mary Tribon Mary Tribon (1867-1949)
Ancestors of Joseph Tribon Descendants of Joseph Tribon Joseph Tribon (1870-1966)
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Date Created : 14 Oct 2011
Last Updated : 13 Aug 2015

Date : 11 Jun 1910
Location : St. Michael's Cemetery, Littleton, IA

Obituary not available.
No headstone photos

Joseph Trebon - line 8

Source - Year: 1870; Census Place: Lester, Black Hawk, Iowa; Roll: M593_377; Page: 445A; Family History Library Film: 545876

Joseph Trebon - line 16

Source - Year: 1880; Census Place: Lester, Black Hawk, Iowa; Roll: 327; Page: 494D; Enumeration District: 053

Herman Tribon - line 1

Christine Trebon - line 33

Joseph Tribon - line 47

Source - Year: 1900; Census Place: Lester, Black Hawk, Iowa; Page: 4A; Enumeration District: 0015; FHL microfilm: 1240418

Herman Tribon - line 1

Source - Year: 1910; Census Place: Bennington, Black Hawk, Iowa; Roll: T624_392; Page: 4A; Enumeration District: 0002; FHL microfilm: 1374405

Research notes for Herman

Although an actual obit is not yet found, I did find these...

Kossuth County Advance - Jun 16, 1919
The fact that Dr. Tribon and his sister, Mrs. C. Lampright, were called to Waterloo last week by the news that a brother was seriously ill was mentioned in the last Advance. They did not reach his bedside until after his death. He was a farmer and resided about eight miles north of the city limits. Ills death was caused by septic peritonitis. He was taken sick early in the morning on Tuesday and died at 11 o'clock p. m. of the same day. It is thought that he ruptured an intestine while lifting some heavy milk-cans.

Algona Upper Des Moines - Jun 15, 1910
Dr. F. L. Tribon and Mr. and Mrs. Chas. E. Lampright were called to Dunkerton, Iowa, last Tuesday afternoon by the news that Herman Tribon, a brother of Mrs. Lampright and Dr. Tribon, was dying. Dunkerton is in Blackhawk county, northeast of Waterloo, and about 150 miles from Algona. Railroad connections were poor and it was decided to make the race with death in the Lampright Buick auto. The party left Algona at 3:30 in the afternoon and exactly five hours later they reached the bedside of the dying man a few moments before he breathed his last. The deceased was a farmer and died from rupture. The Algona party came home in their auto Saturday.
Jan 01
Birth of Herman Tribon
Age 10
Lived in Lester, Black Hawk, Iowa (Census)
Age 20
Lived in Lester, Black Hawk, Iowa (Census)
Jan 28
Age 28
Married to Emilie Fratzke
Jan 31
Age 29
Birth of child, Harriet Tribon
Jul 25
Age 30
Birth of child, Edna Tribon
Aug 19
Age 32
Death of child, Edna Tribon
Mar 23
Age 33
Birth of child, Elsa Tribon
Jan 20
Age 34
Death of father, Joseph Trebon
Oct 17
Age 35
Birth of child, Esther Tribon
Jan 15
Age 38
Birth of child, Franklin Tribon
May 26
Age 40
Birth of child, Hilda Tribon
Age 40
Lived in Lester, Black Hawk, Iowa (Census)
Sep 16
Age 44
Birth of child, Raymond Tribon
Dec 28
Age 45
Death of child, Raymond Tribon
Nov 08
Age 46
Birth of child, Elizabeth Tribon
Apr 25
Age 49
Birth of child, Valley Tribon
Age 50
Lived in Bennington, Black Hawk, Iowa (Census)
Jun 08
Age 50
Death of Herman Tribon

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